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Observing the condition of children from the poor sections of society in their town, two retired professionals chose to make an effort to change at least a few lives. They created this Foundation, dedicated to their mothers, to primarily provide education and healthcare to the under privileged children and also take other grass-root level initiatives to make positive changes in their communities.

The Founders are amply supported by their families, friends and communities. They are joined by teachers, engineers, doctors and other professionals in their endeavor.

The Foundation is targeting non-school going children, in the age group of 4-10 years.  They encourage and motivate the parents to send their children to their school for free nursery/ primary education. Past this age children find it difficult to start school at the nursery level and practically they remain illiterate for the rest of their lives. This cycle of poverty continues, generation after generation. They believe giving  children nursery/ primary education and then putting them in regular schools is, the way to improve literacy, fight poverty and control crime.



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The Foundation Welcomes volunteers to work with us and contribute to the society. You may assist in academic, cultural,sports activities,office management, fund raising, enhancing public awareness about our programs.

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